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31st December
written by tom
It doesn't take much alcohol to spew out a resolution this coming Thursday week, at 23:46, 14 minutes before the year's end; this invariably results in hapless dead ends or meaningless quests. So, I decided to start earlier - four weeks ago to be precise. It's simple enough to list these; more difficult is to measure and implement them. So far as possible, each of them has some minimal definition of success. For 2010, I choose to
  1. refrain from buying a single (new/used, print/e-) book. I love books. The embargo on adding books to my library is more than the struggle against consumerism. Books define me in more ways than I care to acknowledge. It is the sense of attachment to a bygone Tom; sometimes they are my only crutch. I'm curious how how I will be on my own.
  2. prepare a meal at least once every weekend. Rationale? Well, I create the chance to rediscover my lost culinary ("ahem") skills and the wife gets time off.
  3. read with Gillian at least thrice a week. This is probably the most difficult to achieve, in part because she is not yet at that age (19 months) when she is willing to sit still for 10 minutes, especially at bedtime.
  4. stop discriminating against non-Shetland Sheepdogs. I still have a preference for Shelties (who doesn't?), but all canines - even malteses - deserve proper treatment. Just like kids, there are no "bad" dogs; only bad owners and parents.
  5. devote 3 hours a day on the Executive MBA programme.
  6. create, and work on, an investment plan. Personal finance is such a fascinating area and is so rewarding.
  7. take up muay thai. 1 hour session every week for 8 weeks.
  8. write a short book review every month.
  9. complete writing the first chapter of my book.
  10. change how I approach the world.
and for #11, here's one from way out in left-field: play in a band again! (some practice will make the guitar sound, well, more like a guitar) I'll let you know how I get on. In the meantime, Happy New Year.

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