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23rd September
written by tom
Years from now, once I am old and frail, lacking words and the strength to say what I wish, allow me to relive and share the moment captured in this image, this glimpse of my feelings for you - everything that I can ever feel for you.

This is how I feel about you


  1. Andy H

    Great Piccie Tom. Never thought I’d see one like this when I was smoking a million fags in your room at SGC!!!

  2. Alvin Lim

    I’m speechless about the picture and the words..

    But i have only one thing to say

  3. Brooks

    When she’s driving, she’ll know this is where papa keeps the keys to the Thunderbird & the wallet for gas money!

  4. Bernard

    How come she is such a Chinese baby! And I love to see those thunder thighs. Model 2009 in the prodution line I hope, the quality control being so fabulous…

  5. tom

    haha 🙂 Thanks guys.

    @ Andy: Sometimes, I still can’t believe it myself.

    @ Alvin: Photos like this don’t come around too often, I agree.

    @ Brooks: Good thing you aren’t in Singapore – less chance of you teaching her your bad biking habits and disappearing tricks. And keep your pick-pocketing ideas to yourself, Brokus, or else I’ll have next year’s cake too.

    @ Bernard: My sis keeps saying baby Gillian looks like me; just hope she doesn’t develop my nose … Vaswani version 2.0 should be launched in Q4 2009 / Q1 2010.

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