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15th September
written by tom
Mr. Bacchus

Mr. Bacchus

It was not too long ago that we first took our Mr. Bacchus for a walk. I seem to recall this was when he was about 6 months old and all the vaccinations were in order. He took an age to climb the 26 steps; we took it for granted that all canines came with climbing capabilities. Instead, he took it - literally - one step at a time. We started taking him for regular walks, and aside from Bacchus's first struggles climbing the imposing staircase up to the gardens, the routine became a pleasant one, for us and for Bacchus. Soon, we were forced to question another of our assumptions: puppies are naturally pre-disposed to peeing on grass. Simply not true. You would never guess it, but it appears we have toilet trained our Bacchus to perfection. Many were the days, and long were the walks, when wifey and I would return home frustrated at Bacchus' reluctance to mark territory. This failure to colonise puzzled us no end. Today, however, my wife called at the office to report the good news. Bacchus was freely marking turf.
This land is my land!