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24th May
written by tom
Three more days! Jen and I are very excited and looking forward to the Big Day. My parents, however, are incredibly stressed by the whole affair. Spare a thought for them as we party the weekend away. A lot of time and energy have gone into the planning of this wedding but please excuse us for any error, however small, or inconvenience that may occur during the celebrations. We've tried to think of everything and plan for every contingency, but we just know that we've forgotten something, or someone!


  1. The soon-to-be Mrs Tom Vaswani

    In another day, we are going to be married. From then on, I will be part of another person that I have known shortly (2 years), yet feel so strongly for. It is quite amazing, this love thing… it makes a person stronger, yet weaker; happier, but also sadder at the same time. I am looking forward to the day that we step into church, when we state our lifelong commitment to each other; knowing that whatever, whenever, we will be there for each other.

  2. monkeynathalie

    uncle tom. put the photos and pictures up from the wedding. put the pictures fom saturday morning, saturday nite and sunday photo shoottaking pictues and sunday dinner.

    nathalie. monkey number 4

  3. Nathalie

    please put up the photos and pictures fom the saturday wedding in church, saturday party in oma’s house, sunday photos shoot taking and sunday reception dinner

    nathalie monkey 4