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7th May
written by tom
We've both been busy over the weekend. Jen has found the perfect outfit for our page boys, and we've finally completed the hymn book for our matrimonial mass. Even more exciting, renovations on our new apartment will soon be completed - just in time for us to move in after the wedding. I don't know which has caused us more strain, but we've both kept our sense of humour!

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  1. The soon-to-be Mrs Tom Vaswani

    I have to say, we have managed very well amidst the chaos of renovating the house, preparing for the wedding, coping with families, and holding full-time jobs… all at the same time.
    Although we are stressed out, we can always count on each other to be around. It’s as though we are caught in the eye of the storm, where we see all sorts of chaos around us, but when he is with me, it’s all calm and good. Good things become great stuff, and bad things just become funny. I’m actually quite happy to be caught in this situation, coz it has made realise what a great man he is, and how strong our relationship is.
    And that conviction to be with him, “till death do us part” is even greater with each passing day.
    It’s 15 days to our wedding… I love you, Mr Tom Vaswani.